The Ontario English Catholic Teachers` Association (OECTA) recently reached a collective bargaining agreement with the Ontario government. The deal, which covers over 45,000 teachers, includes salary increases, improvements to working conditions, and changes to the hiring process.

One of the key changes in the agreement is a salary increase of 1% in each year of the three-year contract. This increase is slightly lower than previous agreements but still represents a significant improvement for OECTA members.

In addition to the salary increase, the new agreement includes improvements to working conditions. Teachers will now be given more time for lesson preparation and professional development. This will ensure that teachers have the resources they need to deliver the best possible education to their students.

Changes to the hiring process are also included in the agreement. The government has agreed to work with OECTA to improve the hiring process for teachers. This will help to ensure that the best candidates are selected for teaching positions, and that the process is fair and transparent.

The OECTA collective bargaining agreement is an important victory for teachers and students in Ontario. The salary increase and improvements to working conditions will help to attract and retain the best teachers, while changes to the hiring process will ensure that students are taught by the most qualified teachers.

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