NOT SPAM Please don`t leave your site to random comments on different sites, blogs, Youtube videos, etc… it`s very spammy, super sticky, and just makes you bad – and makes younic bad. Do not join a group, then start communicating people in the group, unless they ask for information. They`ll be placed in a Facebook prison and people will block you. « Charity, » as you say, is absolutely NOT a scam. I attended Haven`s retreat last November. I`m not a younic animator or a client. That has never been the case. I use naked minerals. I stumbled upon the Younique Foundation. I was raped several times as a child and I never looked for help when I was an adult.

I applied to withdraw by writing a brief essay about myself and experience. They then contacted me with a questionnaire to complete to inform me once again that I was chosen to participate and choose my best appointments. Yes, I had to pay to go to Utah, but that`s the only thing I paid for. EVERYTHING else was NOT a fee for the participants. When I arrived at the airport, me and the other women were picked up by a fleet of black suvs and taken to the most luxurious mansion I had ever seen in the mountains of Utah, oh and besides, they were building ANOTHER. We have been treated as absolute royalties. During our stay, we were treated with surprisingly healthy meals prepared by a 5-star chef, various activities for the mind and body and therapeutic solutions related to our trauma. THEN, after they returned home, they helped organize the ongoing treatment.

So before you call a SCAM, think twice. Educate yourself before you know something you obviously don`t know anything about! Honestly, I don`t see how to get that? At first, I may have accepted the same thing, but saying positive things about something like a business, while talking about negatives, is not slippery. In fact, I have heard so many negative things. The facts are facts to the extent that the numbers are, but did you miss the end where he said, if you are looking for an income, your time would be better spent elsewhere?? It is these facilitators who tell everyone that they can get rich, which is certainly said or encouraged. This article, however, said that probably won`t happen, but it`s an ok company that does what they do and sell a good product. The price was not even mentioned. Read a little more precisely who sounds (your comment) as it was written by an ex-presenter who failed or a rival lol. And I am by no means attached, and I know that their charity and their work are also a real thing, and I applaud them for that. More companies should do this. ESPECIALLY Beauty Companies But even without considering personal sales, it is even worse. You see, $14 will not be the average monthly income of the host. Among these 775 women, there will be many who would earn a larger share of this annual total (plus a commission collected on downline sales).

There will be many who have won a lower commission. And there will be many who will spend more on expenses. If you see someone abusing company policies, please email There is no need to contact the moderator concerned unless it is in your downline and you want to help them ensure that they are compliant and that they are not likely to lose their moderation. NO SOLICITING LEADS FROM CORP. FAN PAGE How? Because Younique apparently uses a system called PayQuicker to pay its moderators instead of paying directly into your bank account. And if you really want to use the money you`ve earned, you have to pay 0.50 $US each time you transfer money from PayQuicker. Are you trying to join an MLM? Wondering how much you can earn with Younique? Find out why, if you do math, younic animators earn as little as $14 a month. However, it is important to note that these figures are not PROFIT. These are retail sales. Facilitators` revenues will be a percentage of these figures minus expenditures.