In addition, the TFUE includes geographic indications (GIs) of names or signs used on products corresponding to a specific origin or geographic location. As part of the agreement, Vietnam will recognise and protect 169 g G of the EU (for example. B for some EU wines and cheeses) and the EU will protect 39 Vietnamese GIs (including specified coffees, teas and sauces). After winning the 1968 presidential election, Richard Nixon became president of the United Emirates in January 1969. He replaced U.S. Ambassador Harriman with Henry Cabot Lodge Jr, who was later replaced by David Bruce. Again this year, the NLF established a revolutionary interim government (PRG) to obtain government status in the talks. However, the main negotiations that led to the agreement did not take place at all at the peace conference, but took place in secret negotiations between Kissinger and Léc Thé, which began on 4 August 1969. With regard to investment protection, both sides have already accomplished much, including agreement on important protection provisions, such as national treatment, and an agreement on key rules for material investment protection. In February 2020, a permanent investment dispute settlement mechanism will be established through the creation of an independent investment justice system, which was ratified by eughim under a free trade agreement (FTA) and an Investment Protection Agreement (PPI) with Vietnam. MEPs (ENPs) voted in favour of the agreements in Strasbourg. Nixon asked the eminent Asian-American politician Anna Chennault to be his « channel to Mr. Thieu »; Chennault agreed and regularly reported to John Mitchell that Thieu had no intention of attending a peace conference.

On November 2, Chennault told the South Vietnamese ambassador: « I just heard from my boss in Albuquerque, who says his boss [Nixon] is going to win. And you`ll tell your boss [Thieu] to hold on for a while longer. [8] Johnson learned about the NSA and was furious that Nixon had « blood on his hands » and that Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen agreed with Johnson that such an action was a « betrayal. » [9] [10] [11] Defence Minister Clark Clifford considered this to be an unlawful violation of the Logan Act. [12] In response, President Johnson ordered the listening of members of the Nixon campaign. [13] [14] Dallek wrote that Nixon`s efforts « probably made no difference » because Thieu was unwilling to participate in the talks and there was little chance of reaching an agreement before the elections; However, his use of the information provided by Harlow and Kissinger was morally questionable and Vice President Hubert Humphrey`s decision not to make Nixon`s actions public is « an unusual act of political decency. » [15] Infrastructure projects account for a significant share of public investment in Vietnam.