Depending on whether you have to fire an employee or other type of worker, different rules apply, for example. B the rules governing legal notice periods. The notice periods for workers are set by the Danish Workers Act, while other notices are covered by collective agreements. A severance agreement is a voluntary termination agreement between you and the company. It is important to know all the details of the agreement before signing. You must make a month that expires at the end of a month. For example, if you announced your message on November 15, you can evacuate your mail on December 31. This provision applies unless an agreement has been reached with respect to an extended notice period. The maximum weekly working time is set at 37 hours in collective agreements for full-time workers, but the parties are free to agree to a change in working time up to a maximum of 48 hours per week, including overtime. Dismissal of unpaid workers is often governed by a collective agreement. The notice period is generally shorter than that of employees.

The majority of workers are encouraged to participate in voluntary pension plans; Pension plans are generally linked to the worker`s monthly salary when a contribution of about 5% of salary is offset by an employer contribution of about 10% of salary. In addition, many collective labour market agreements impose mandatory pension plans. In the Danish labour market, there is generally contractual freedom. Wages and working conditions are generally governed by individual contracts and collective agreements, unlike the statutes. The so-called « main » agreements between the Danish employers` organisation and various trade unions are particularly relevant. At least parents are entitled to a statutory maternity allowance during the leave. The amount depends on the level of salary and hours worked. Depending on the contract between the employer and the worker or the applicable collective agreements, the worker may be entitled to full pay throughout the maternity/paternity leave. A worker who receives full pay is not entitled to an additional statutory maternity allowance. When asserting a right through the competent gateway (« virk indberet ») and subject to compliance with the applicable deadlines, an employer receives an amount corresponding to the statutory maternity allowance paid to the worker.

The fee is limited to the amount of social benefits that the worker could have claimed. In addition, the law firm NJORD assists you in drafting a written termination or termination agreement with the employee. In principle, a redundancy agreement is an alternative to dismissal and should be considered as such. You should therefore ensure that the agreement contains at least the conditions to which you would be entitled if you had been dismissed. When a worker is dismissed after 12 or 17 years of dismissal, the worker is generally entitled to pay one or three months` wages as severance pay.