2. Where the creditor intends to communicate with the consumer in a language other than that of the ESIS during the term of the contract, that circumstance shall be indicated and the language of communication used. This applies without prejudice to points (u) and (v) of Annex 1 to the European Communities Regulations 2004 (distance selling of financial services to consumers). (10) If the authorisation of a mortgage credit intermediary has been withdrawn by the central bank, the central bank shall notify the competent authorities of the EEA host Member States of that revocation as soon as possible and at the latest within fourteen working days from the date of revocation, and the central bank shall remove the person from the register. (If applicable) [Information on portability/transfer of receivables] You have the option to transfer this loan to another [lender][or] [ownership]. [Insert conditions] (If applicable) You do not have the option to transfer this loan to another [lender] [or] [ownership]. (If applicable) Additional features: [explanation of the additional functions listed in Part B and, optionally, of any other functions that the creditor offers under the credit agreement, which has not been referred to in the previous sections]. 5. Within one month of the notification, the central bank shall inform the competent authorities of the EEA host Member States concerned of the intention of the mortgage intermediary and, at the same time, inform the mortgage intermediary concerned of that communication. The assumptions used must be reasonable and reasonable.

2. In addition to the above issues, the above-mentioned Commission, in collaboration with any other body it deems appropriate, shall ensure that clear and general information on the credit procedure is provided in order to guide consumers, in particular those taking out a mortgage loan for the first time. (4) A mortgage credit intermediary which is not related but receives a commission from one or more creditors must, at the request of the consumer, provide information on the diversity of the commission rates to be paid by the different creditors offering the credit agreements offered to the consumer. The consumer is informed that he has the right to request such information. 5.