(a) Data center: before terminating the agreement, the customer has a non-exclusive license to access the data center to which access to ColoHouse applies as part of its lease agreement or other agreement to occupy the data center. In addition, ColoHouse can adopt rules and procedures to regulate the use and behavior of the data center by customers by publishing the Data Center rules on the ColoHouse website. By accessing the data center, the customer accepts the data center`s rules. The rules of the computational center can be changed at any time by ColoHouse. If a change is made to the data center rules, it takes effect with the publication on the ColoHouse website. ColoHouse is responsible for ensuring that the services needed to support the overall operation of the computing center, such as services. B, the maintenance of environmental protection systems and the maintenance of power plants, are provided for the benefit of the customer. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Florida and is interpreted in accordance with them without their principles of conflict of laws taking effect. The commitments and agreements stipulated in this contract are exclusively intended for ColoHouse and the Client and their respective rights holders and their transfer beneficiaries, and may be enforceable by them. The representations and alliances of each party, including the obligations of compensation, confidentiality and limitation of liability, remain beyond the termination of this agreement and remain fully in force and effective.

Non-exercise or delay in the exercise of a right or privilege under this agreement by one of the parties is not considered a waiver, unless expressly stated. In any event, a clause of that agreement is declared invalid, illegal or unenforceable, neither the validity of the remaining part of that clause nor the validity of the other provisions of this Agreement are affected in any way. Once you`ve determined which type of connection is optimal, the Roommate function usually provides connections to the end-user`s patch panel (see: The Basics of Delimitation). The end user remains responsible for connecting his servers to this patch. When determining your flatshare requirements, be sure to consider the different types of connections that are offered in each establishment and how they are tailored to your needs. This is part of the due diligence of a participation decision. (a) Full agreement: This agreement, any service contract executed and the service level agreement and laolocation access procedures include the entire agreement between ColoHouse and the customer with respect to the provision of co-location services and the granting of access to the corporate network and data centre.